Apple Arcade subscribers can enjoy two new games hitting the service today.

Nuts, from developer Noodlecake, and Spire Blast from Orbital Knight are the two latest titles to join Apple’s premium mobile games subscription service.

Nuts is a wildlife adventure game where your job is to place cameras in a wild forest during the day and review footage at night, with the goal of reviewing footage of squirrels to analyse their behaviour and movements for scientific purposes. Check out the trailer below to see some gameplay, including a closer look at its really cool lo-fi aesthetic.

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“We grew Nuts into a game from a series of design experiments and feel lucky that we were able to chase those into a finished game,” said Joon Van Hove from Noodlecake. “All along, what has driven us to make this game is love and mischief. And we hope that all Nuts players will experience the joyful hum of our team as they play our game.”

Spire Blast, on the other hand, is a physics-based puzzler where you have to demolish tall towers by matching the colours of the different blocks on it. These blocks are bound by gravity, and so if you want to do it cleanly you have to think smart about how you want to go about destroying them. If you want to see some gameplay from Spire Blast, check the trailer below.

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Both Nuts and Spire Blast are available to play on Apple Arcade today. You will need a subscription to the service to access them, which is priced at £4.99 a month after a one-month trial period. Take a look at the official website to see more.

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