Last week we reported that Green Boy Games was launching a Kickstarter for its Game Boy RPG title The Shapeshifter, which has gone live today. Furthermore, the campaign is already about to hit its target of €6,000, with only about €500 left to go.

The Shapeshifter has you playing as Elliot, an ordinary person who gains the ability to become any animal he touches. The game involves you using this ability to transform into a wide array of creatures to save the world. Here’s a demo video to check out if you want to see what the game looks like in action.

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Green Boy Games has anticipated how much interest there would be in a Kickstarter campaign such as this, especially among retro collectors, and so has added some stretch goals to add further things into The Shapeshifter if additional funding can be acquired.

Reaching €21,000 will add two new chapters to the game: The Ice World and The Rockfall, as well as a special in-game easter egg where the first 10 people to discover it will receive the next Green Boy Games release for free.

The second stretch goal unlocks at €30,000 and includes a numbered collector’s coin with every shipment, plus free high-grade packaging protection for the physical cartridge game. At €40,000, as an added bonus, Puch will port the game to NES.

As with all previous Green Boy Games releases, The Shapeshifter will ship with a cartridge and manual inside a box sporting original cover art, and is compatible with all Game Boy devices. It will also be available on Green Boy Games’ website, but 100 limited edition units with a unique number and signature are exclusive only to Kickstarter backers. Check that out here.

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