There have been lots of new shooters released in 2020, so how better to highlight the best than getting together a list of the best new mobile shooters of 2020.

Shooters have been popular for as long as they have been around. There are, of course, several known shooters that always pop-up, being played by thousands of individuals. Shooters are often games that are also played in esports teams. These games are actually a subgenre of action games, which use guns and weapons to test the player’s spatial awareness, reflexes and speed.

Shooters often have multiplayer modes, but many of them are also single player. When I was a child, my parents were one of those who feel that children should never play with guns, as they aren’t a toy or pretend, so I actually hadn’t played shooters until I was a teenager. Shooter games can often be intense experiences, sometimes are gorey, and can have lots of realistic elements to them, so they do bring in an older crowd some of the time!

Dive onto the list to find our top 5 mobile shooters from the last year.