It’s been a long year - and one full of playing mobile games on my phone and tablet, enjoying the world of gaming from the safety and comfort of my own home. This year, I have played more mobile games that I probably ever have previously, for a lot of reasons. When it comes to the games that have come out, there have, as always, been so many different games - and I am sure that I have missed some.

But, out of all of the mobile games that I have played this year, I have compiled a list of my absolute favorites - so if you haven’t taken the time to download and play through these games yet, what is stopping you? I mean, they are literally the best I have played this year, so you should really download them and play them too.

I hope that these games bring you joy and make you smile, and I’d like to wish you a happy new year! I am sure there will be loads and loads of amazing games in the coming months and over 2021 as well - and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Without further waffling, let’s get into my top 5 mobile games of the year.