Hi guys, and welcome to our Garena Free Fire assault rifles guide! This is our fourth guide in a row, and you can expect three more before the end of our little series. Hopefully, by the end we’re done you’ll know everything you need to know through our Free Fire guides.

Assault rifles are probably the most common firearm for any soldier after WW2 when it was first introduced. They are the most balanced weapons, light enough and precise even at longer ranges. Semi-automatic and fully automatic fire helps with the obvious choice. There is an urban legend that Hitler himself gave a name to this type of weapon, but there is no evidence of this, although the first AR was first made in Nazi Germany!

What are the Free Fire assault rifles and how to use them?

Assault rifles are well-rounded weapons in Free Fire, almost like in real life. They give you plenty of options. ARs are good at all ranges, they have well-balanced damage, and their magazines contain enough ammo for a decent number of firefights. Think of them like the older brother of another type of weapon we covered in one of our guides - SMGs.

You could find a good assault rifle after your drop, obtain some attachments and hold onto it until the end of the round. You just need to worry about ammo, and that’s it. In Garena Free Fire assault rifles are the most newbie-friendly weapons. They don’t have a high skill cap, and you don’t even have to know the game that much. If you are a skilled gamer that knows how to aim properly and to move you can take an AR and get a Booyah in the first round you’ve played. Especially if you’ve practiced in other similar games like PUBG.

Assault rifles have more items than any other weapon category in Free Fire, and we’ll cover each one in this guide!

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