LTgames’ Immortal: Reborn is an idle RPG now available for pre-registration on Google Play for Android.

Hosting Diablo-esque features, Immortal: Reborn is set in a world that fell to darkness many years ago after the gods lost their power in a fight against their foes. It’s up to you, as an mortal, to set out on an adventure to bring the light back to the land.

Immortal: Reborn is a game where you play idly, allowing you to collect equipment and resources easily when AFK and offline, working your way towards collecting all the rewards from the Treasury. There are over 40 classes available to play as, each one teeming with hundreds of skill combinations. You’re able to mix and match a variety of equipment, including unique perks and random stats, to help you complete quests and beat the game.

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Considering its heavy Diablo inspiration, this should be a fun one for fans of the hack and slash dungeon crawler. It particularly sounds like the Treasury will be a fun time, with it hosting a whole series of boss challenges that hold potential for fun discoveries, including high-quality equipment.

Immortal: Reborn is published by LTgames, a Chinese publisher previously responsible for Dungeon Survivor II, which currently has 1.2 million users, and Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, a pixel art zombie game that had over 1.4 million pre-registered users and over 2.7 million users within a month of launch.

Immortal: Reborn is the latest in LTgames’ portfolio, and it looks to be continuing the publisher’s habit of putting out fun retro-inspired titles onto mobile platforms.

You can pre-register Immortal: Reborn from Google Play for Android ahead of its release, which is on 28th October. There’s no word yet on whether it will appear on iOS.

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