Microsoft has just added a new giant offering to Xbox Game Pass’ mobile library in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Announced in a blog post over on the Xbox website, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy the highly competitive FPS on their Android devices from Thursday 22nd October, streamed directly from Microsoft’s servers.

Rainbow Six Siege is all about using the right tactics to co-operate with your team, with a heavy emphasis on using the environment to your advantage. Two teams assume the roles of attackers or defenders, with each mode involving different objectives such as extracting a hostage, defusing a bomb, or working to secure a room.

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To emphasise the “siege” aspect of Rainbow Six Siege, there’s a huge focus on using environmental destruction to your advantage. For example, if you need to storm a room where a hostage is being held, instead of using the door where the defending team might expect you to appear from, you can plant an explosive on the floor above and drop in from above. Similarly, the game’s dynamic destruction system allows bullet holes and broken structures, creating different tactical advantages and disadvantages.

Originally released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is an early example of the Games as a Service model, meaning it’s designed to keep players on the game for a long time through regular content updates and a continuous revenue model. Siege does this by offering yearly passes to unlock new operators to play as, as well as a premium currency to get other cosmetics quicker than playing naturally.

You can play Rainbow Six Siege on your Android smartphone from this Thursday by downloading the Xbox Game Pass app on Google Play and signing up to the service.

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