Helmi Games has revealed its retro film noir mystery Bouncer Story previously exclusive to mobile will launch on PC in November.

The game has you playing as a bouncer for shady clubs and bars so he can pay off his large gambling debt to the mafia who control the city. Partially a management game, you start from the ground up and control who enters the bar, and by making wise decisions to boost the mood of the place, you’ll earn better tips and be able to pay off your debt quicker.

In Bouncer Story’s city of sin, everyone has a price, and so it’s also useful to keep an ear out for any information that you may be able to use later. Improve your skills, work different bars and familiarise yourself with the city.

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You’ll also have to balance your cashflow, splitting it between paying your rent, upgrading your skills and paying back the loan. Saving for the right opportunities is key, but you can risk it for a better reward by gambling more at the blackjack table. As serious crimes happen all around you, remain calm and adapt your playstyle for how you want to partake in this new life.

There’s more than six hours of gameplay in Bouncer Story, with 13 unique endings depending on the choices you make along the way. There are also several game modes for you to explore which will radically change things up and provide new challenges, as well as plenty of side quests to pad out the narrative.

You’ll be able to grab Bouncer Story on Steam in November but it's already available on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android if you fancy it.

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