Sol 705 is a point-and-click adventure game from Swiss developer Land Patricio – Space Indie Studios. The game is available now for Android and PC following a successful Kickstarter campaign and support from the Swiss Arts Council. 

Sol 705 aims to capture the magic of the point-and-click games from the 90s with silly humour and an equally absurd plot. It's start off with players having to simply try to escape from school before taking a turn that involves aliens and playing interdimensional chords to save the universe.

The game takes place during the '70s in a small town in Argentina where a group of high school dropouts are on the hunt for adventure. Boredom is a frequent problem for these kids so when your brother Meeno's awful band are in need of a new bass player, helping him find one is at least something to do. 

It sounds like it's set to be an incredibly quirky adventure, as you'll be able to see from the embedded trailer above. There's a host of odd things to encounter through the game like a diver doing kick-ups with a football underwater and a cat that sets off a rocket ship with matchsticks. 

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There will be a host of puzzles to solve along the way to progress the story and a host of interesting characters to meet. Sol 705 also has an original soundtrack where each song has been provided by various indie bands.

Sol 705 is available now over on Google Play and Steam. It's a premium title that costs £2.99 for Android and £8.29 on PC. Additionally, there is also a demo version of the game available on Google Play if you'd like to try before buying.

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