Merchant Run – The Gold Rush is a new endless runner from three-man development team 22u. The game is available now for Android devices and will see players roaming across the land as a travelling merchant.

That means you'll be hopping onto your horse-drawn cart and exploring the lands whilst picking up various riches along the way that you'll be able to sell. Being a travelling merchant isn't easy, however, as hauling around a cart filled with valuable goods is certain to attract thieves who will need to be avoided.

In addition to opportunistic bandits, there will be obstacles to avoid hurtling into as well such as rocks, boxes and fallen tree branches. There will apparently be other hidden dangers lurking within each level too, so you'll need to keep your reflexes sharp.

The gold earned from selling the items you find along the way can be spent to upgrade your cart, horse and equipped accessories. Each cart variant will have its own strengths and weaknesses to consider before embarking on another journey. There will also be a few abilities at your disposal to make the journey easier, some of which you can see in the embedded video below.

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There are two different game modes to be found within Merchant Run. The first is a campaign mode that will see you running through several levels where the aim will be to get the maximum of three stars that are on offer. The second, meanwhile, is simply an Infinite Mode for those who want to test how far they can travel in one attempt.

Merchant Run – The Gold Rush is available now over on Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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