As of tomorrow, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play over 100 different games on their mobile device through the Cloud. For most of these titles you're going to need to sync a controller up with your phone but for Minecraft Dungeons that won't be the case.

Today, Microsoft has announced that the spin-off from the popular Mojang title will have fully optimised touch controls when playing via the cloud. This won't simply be a case of sticking touch controls over the top of the existing game either, the UI has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate the in-game menus.

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There are also a host of overlays and custom layouts that players can choose from. Microsoft says it will 'make Minecraft Dungeons feel like it was designed specifically for mobile' and have placed the virtual buttons for actions players perform the most, such as moving, attacking and dodging, in intuitive locations.

You can check out some footage of Minecraft Dungeons being played with touch screen controls in the embedded video above. Microsoft also added that they'll be continuing to work with developers to add optimised touch screen controls for other titles in their Game Pass library.

If you're unfamiliar with Minecraft Dungeons, it's a hack 'n' slash dungeon crawler that plays out from an isometric perspective. It makes use of the recognisable Minecraft aesthetic as you battle against various beasties and gather loot with up to four other players. 

Minecraft Dungeons is available now through Xbox Game Pass and from tomorrow can be played through the Game Pass app, which can be downloaded through Google Play. You will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play via the cloud though and this costs £10.99 per month. 

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