Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! first appeared on radar back in February this year, where it was unnamed at the time. Since then they've open pre-registration and a few folks – including our own Dave Aubrey – have had a chance to play the endless runner in soft-launch. 

Now, more people are being invited to give the game a try and if you're interested you can sign up for a chance to take part through Survey Monkey now. This will be for iOS users only and you'll need to make sure you've downloaded the Testflight App. Participants will also be required to sign an NDA so you'll need to be over 18 too.

The game sees Crash's long-time adversary Dr Neo Cortex sending an array of iconic villains across the multiverse in order to control those particular dimensions. So it'll be up to Crash and his sister Coco to send these fiends back to where they belong.

This will consist of spinning, dashing and jumping through a variety of worlds such as Turtle Woods, Lost City and Temple Ruins where you'll battle several enemies and bosses that have appeared throughout the series' history.

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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is heading for the App Store and Google Play at some stage and you can pre-register your interest over on their official site now or sign up for the beta. There's still no release date just yet but we'll be sure to keep you informed.

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