Joycity's CROSSFIRE: Warzone was recently released around three weeks ago but they've already decided to provide players with a major update. This will focus on the community-driven Alliance Festival, a seasonal Challenger Pass and the introduction of a customisation system.

The Alliance Festival will be an event where each in-game alliance will be able to give their members set missions that will need to be completed within a time limit. Once this objective has been achieved or failed, a new one will be assigned.

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A successful mission will net the alliance a point with the aim being to earn as many points as possible throughout the duration of the event. The amount they acquire within that time will increase the rewards each alliance member will receive.

The 'Challenger Pass' meanwhile will act as Crossfire: Warzone's season pass style content. It will last for 42 days and will allow players who purchase the pass to earn rewards by completing a variety of missions. Those who do purchase the pass will be given a base skin, chat bubble and the legendary officer Jean.

Finally, the new customisation update will allow players to alter their base appearance by swapping to different skins. Elsewhere, they can also decorate their commander portrait with custom frames and choose a unique chat bubble and name tag to stand out in the chatroom. More customisation options are set to arrive in future.

CROSSFIRE: Warzone is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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