Aquiris Game Studio is set to celebrate five years of their highly regarded racer Horizon Chase. In that the time, the popular driving title has been downloaded a staggering 50 million times. It's definitely a couple of milestones that are worth celebrating then, which Aquiris plan to do through various in-game events and rewards.

There will be a new selection of special Weekly Challenges to complete for the entire player base, regardless of whether you're playing the free-to-try version of Horizon Chase or have paid for the premium unlock. Those who complete these challenges between now and September 1st will get a black version of the Cruiser added to their collection.

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Additionally, if you've been playing the free-to-try version of Horizon Chase but have been tempted to buy the premium unlock, now might be a good time to do so. Between today and August 27th the premium version can be purchased with a discount of up to 60% off, though how much will depend on your region.

Unlocking the full version of the game will give players access to 95 tracks that reside in 41 different countries. There are also 10 cups to compete in and over 20 cars to unlock to race around the numerous tracks. The Weekly Challenges also feature an expanded selection of tracks compared to the free version.

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Horizon Chase is also set to receive a new in-game store in a future update. This will sell a variety of cosmetic items to give player's vehicles a more personal touch. Beyond that, they're also working on a supposedly huge DLC with more details about that set to be unveiled soon.

Horizon Chase is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-try game with an IAP that unlocks the premium version.

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