Barely a day goes by now where there's not some fresh Garena Free Fire news to talk about. We've already covered the 3volution update and upcoming Money Heist crossover, so now it's time to have a chat about the Sushi Menace Elite Pass. As usual, there are plenty of additions to focus on, so everything has been split into handy little subcategories.

Introducing Taku and Shiori

The latest EP features Taku and Shiori, owners of the House of Knives, a restaurant where two opposing mafia factions have agreed to meet.

With an ongoing truce between them, their focus shifts to toppling the corrupt government. Depending on how this meeting goes, they could either continue to work together or return to being sworn enemies.

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During work hours, Taku and Shiori like to practice their martial arts while slicing, prepping, and serving meals to plenty of hungry customers. At night, the pair shift gear and become bounty hunters known as Sushi Menace.

Unlocking the sushi-themed rewards

The Elite Pass really wants you to share Taku and Shiori's love of sushi by collecting sushi-themed rewards.

Some of these include the Sashimi Slasher Bundle male skin set, the Ramen Slayer Bundle female skin set, the Sashimi Boat Backpack skin, the Salmon Surfer skin, and the Sushi Menace grenade skin.

The new items have special effects

Some of these rewards boast special effects. For example, the two skin sets display an ink koi swimming, while the Sashimi Boat Backpack is surrounded by cold air.

The inspiration for the Sushi Menace Elite Pass is said to have come from Japanese sushi masters and gangs. For the latest designs, Garena has mixed together tattoos, Hannya, sushi, katanas, koi, and bandages to create items with unique looks.

Battle royale fans who have yet to give Garena Free Fire a try will find it available for download from the App Store and Google Play. As I say, it can be tricky to stay on top of all the latest Free Fire content, so there'll always be something new to look forward to, and the core game itself is a nice alternative to the likes of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

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