Interloper, developer Anchorite's spaceflight combat sim, has blasted off on iOS today. This one sees you going up against an oppressive regime using an advanced, combat-ready spacecraft that you can kit out with all manner of weaponry and upgrades.

The missions here are wave-based and typically require you to complete a single objective before warping to the next area. They feel perfectly calculated for on-the-go play, providing a few minutes of fast-paced action at a time.

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Interloper also blends in some roguelike elements to add to the intensity. Dying during a mission results in you losing your current ship's loadout. You can, however, bail out of a mission if you feel things are going a bit pear-shaped. There's a huge element of risk/reward decision-making here, as holding out in the hopes of finishing the mission could result in you losing your fancy new weapons or utilities.

While you do often feel quite powerful in your ship, it's important not to get too cocky. After all, you'll be facing off against swarms of fighters, deadly frigates, and mammoth capital ships.

We first covered it late last month, which was when I put together a small video preview. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the pre-launch version, and I know that the latest build has ironed out some of the minor blemishes that were present there.

I was happy to find that Interloper supports MFi controllers from the get-go, as that'll always be my preferred way to play any sort of flying game. It's also playable in both landscape and portrait modes, and the touchscreen controls make use of haptic feedback. 

Interloper is now available for download from over on the App Store. It's a premium title priced at $5.99, meaning no ads or IAPs. More content is expected to arrive post-launch, including new gameplay features, ship attachments, scenarios, and more.

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