Interloper gets first update of the year, introduces a new mission type and quality of life adjustments

Interloper gets first update of the year, introduces a new mission type and quality of life adjustments
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The 2020 released space action game Interloper, released by the developer of the popular racing game Unstoppable, has received its very first update of 2022. Featuring a brand new mission type alongside some pretty big updates and quality of life improvements, your intense spaceship flying, laser shooting battles just got even better.

First up, that brand new mission type. Combat Trials are the newest challenge you’ll find in your Interloper playthroughs, and they throw you into a 1v1 scenario with an AI-controlled opponent. Now, based on that alone, you may be thinking this sounds really easy, you often fight upwards of five opponents at a time in typical missions. Ah, but there’s a catch here. See, in Combat Trials, you’ll be pitted against an opponent that has access to the exact same gear you do. That includes all of the ships, all of the weapons, and all of the abilities.

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Your motivation for beating this challenge is some wonderful rewards, and there’s even more incentive to continue doing these trials in a row, as the challenge gets upped every time you continue on, but so do the rewards. You can probably gather that this basically functions as an arena type survival mode, challenging you to push yourself as far as you can go without losing with the benefit of receiving some truly spectacular rewards.

Along with this new mission type, come some typical bug fixes and some light quality of life improvements, such as an increase in inventory space and a new feature that lets you accept or deny all loot with the tap of one button. Any current Interloper fans should be delighted to hear these improvements as they have been asked for since release.

All in all, Interloper was a great game on release and has steadily been getting better over the two years it’s been out. If you’re looking to get in on the space battle game, you can find it for $5.99 on the App Store. Unfortunately, us Android users haven’t gotten a port just yet, so cross your fingers we’ll see that soon as well.

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