Interloper's latest update features autocannons, countermeasures and more burst weapons

Interloper's latest update features autocannons, countermeasures and more burst weapons
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Anchorite’s Interloper is back again with a new update. Interloper is a spaceflight combat sim, where the player will have to knock out the enemies in front of the spaceship with heavy burst weapons attached to it.

The recent update features assault autocannons, countermeasures and more burst weapons. If you are a fan of roguelike games, then Interloper’s current update is just right for you. The assault autocannons deal massive damage and are easier to target than the previous ones.

The countermeasures are one of the unique features the game has added. It will allow the player to use various abilities in order to counteract the danger from the enemies in front of them. The abilities are related to the spacecraft itself.

In the following update, all loot items and attachments will now have a label to show their rarity
Low-end devices can now play in 24fps and 120fps option has been added for iPad Pro + Mac devices. In addition, the Frame rate is now a toggle option from 24fps to 120fps. Now, there’s a new unique icon for Anti Missile Systems which will trigger automatically when it senses potential threats.

The addition of burst weapons makes the game more interesting. When the spacecraft is coupled with extra burst weapons it makes it the player easy to take down the enemies quite fast when compared to the previous gameplays. The burst weapons can easily melt down the enemies or even the whole squadron if played and aimed precisely.

The bugs of layout issues are now fixed for iPad users and the issue with the text being cut off in warp button on iPad / 4:3 displays is also fixed.

Interloper is now available for download from over on the App Store. It's a premium title priced at $5.99, meaning no ads or IAPs. 

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