The Greater Good is yet another one of the many hidden gems that have graced our mobile devices. It's a one-man production that is essentially like a love letter to classic RPG games. It features an old school design with some modernized art, blending the old and new.

There are some beautiful environments that stand out when you play the game too. Varying from mountains to forests and other majestic lands, there's a bit of everything. The combat features a turn-based style of play that's similar to the legendary Persona games.

It's attack for attack pretty much. You also can run, jump, and interact with objects as well as other people throughout your adventure. Lastly, the musical score that's presented is great, with a blend of a few different genres. And the music was created by the game's lone developer, Sam Enright who was a DJ before becoming a game maker. We give you a few tips while playing this adventurous love letter in motion.