Updated at 18:14 on 31.07.2020

Gogogo! is now available for download from over on the App Store and Google Play


Original story at 18:47 on 07.07.2020

Gogogo! is a charming party game from developer Robert Thomson that serves up dozens of casual mini-games to tackle with up to 15 other players. I've been playing it this afternoon and came away thoroughly impressed by the game's wonderful personality and sheer variety of challenges on offer.

As I say, there are dozens to choose from, and while plenty of them are super simple, there's enough content within each to keep repeat playthroughs fresh. There are memory games, reaction-based games, word games, games about spinning on the spot, and so much more.

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And the level of choice you have over which games you want to play is also much appreciated, with a variety of toggles that allow you to cater to you and your friends' specific needs. So much thought has clearly gone into making Gogogo! as accessible as possible while granting it more longevity than your average party game. 

Thomson's experience as an animator brings a ton of extra personality to the experience, with a host of goofy stickmen getting up to all sorts of nonsense in the menus, and the presentation in general is top-notch. There's just a great sense of fun to it before you've even hopped into a mini-game.

Its monetisation model is also about as player-friendly as can be, giving you 20 free mini-games to start with. You can unlock the rest by making a one-off payment, or unlock a specific game for 48 hours by watching a single ad.

I really wish I'd known about this earlier in lockdown, as it would have been a great local multiplayer game to share around – one that you don't even need an internet connection to enjoy. If you quite fancy giving it a go, you'll find Gogogo! available for download in open beta for iOS & Android right here.

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