WarQuest: Game of the Gods is one of the more memorable text adventure games that are out there. It's a choice-based game, and although there have been plenty of those kinds of games, the most famous, modern ones of them usually have a film-like, cinematic approach. This game is much closer to the book experience. 

In fact, you're essentially reading a novel, but it just has choices that you have to make along the way. In this epic tale, you take on the role of Tokar, a mercenary with a troubled past, who was once a proud knight. The decisions he makes will shape the outcome of each page following them. 

You're basically writing the book as you read it. It's a very good, cozy game to play through, and with its book-like nature, it's perfect for mobile phones. You get a novel and a game at the same time, so it's a win-win. Here are some tips and hints for your magical, reading journey.