Ruinverse is the latest RPG endeavour from Kemco, a company that is well-known for their turn-based RPGs on mobile. Their newest effort is available now for both iOS and Android and follows the story of Kit and Allie, a girl who has the soul of another person inside her.

The pair embark on a journey to discover the mystery surrounding the Stone Mountains whilst also looking to save Allie from her current predicament. The other soul sharing her body is called Alvyn and will switch control with Allie whenever they come into contact with Kit. This can, however, be used to their advantage as they both have different physical and magical abilities to make use of in battle.

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Along the way, they'll be joined by a variety of weird and wonderful companions who don't sound like the most capable of folk. There's a rubbish swindler, a less than intelligent dwarf and a quack physician.

The game promises a robust customisation system through its skill trees. These will allow players to make hyper-specific builds that either focus on mastering a particular skill or become competent in a variety of them. Beyond that, players will want to be equipping characters with the right gear and experimenting with different battle formations.

Once they've figured out the best combinations of weapons and formations they'll be in an excellent spot to tackle the game's many bosses that will look to provide the most challenge Ruinverse has to offer. If you're just in it for the story, however, there is a casual mode available that will allow you to focus more on the narrative.

Ruinverse is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium game that costs $7.99 and $8.99 for iOS and Android respectively.

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