Football Field Kick is exactly the type of game that you think it is. It's all about the art of American Football style kicking. The only thing major change here is that you aren't necessarily trying to knock down the most field goals, although a goal post is present. 

Your job is to kick the ball as far as humanly possible. And when we say far, we're talking really far - to the point where it's hilarious and that's what makes it fun. If you're someone who is a fan of special teams in the NFL, you may get a kick (pun totally intended) out of this game. 

The controls are as easy as can be. All you need to do is tap. So, there are no gameplay tips needed here. Instead, we'll give you some small hints and just things to jot down in your mental notebook. Follow these things, and it'll make your Football Field Kick experience more enjoyable.