Garena Free Fire's latest Elite Pass, Fabled Fox, features two powerful gangs and a violent tale of revenge. It takes place in the present day, and it's currently expected to launch on June 1st.

The story revolves around two gang leaders returning home to claim what's theirs. The protagonists, Ben and Zarya, both grew up in the Salter District but were eventually pushed out when the dreaded Smaki Gang rose to power.

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Their new lives didn't turn out to be all that they'd dreamed, and soon they were recruited into the ranks of the Vulpes, an even deadlier gang. Over the course of a decade, the pair climbed up the ranks and eventually became the gang's leaders. Now, they've decided to head back to their old home and send the Smaki Gang packing.

As you'd expect, there are said to be tons of rewards up for grabs, including Kitsune’s Riposte & Revenge skin sets, the Dashing Fox skateboard set, and the Fabled Foxes motorbike. There's also a new Fabled Fox-themed loot crate to unlock, which resembles the gang's mask.

The look of these themed items was inspired by Inari Okami from Japanese mythology, otherwise known as O-Inari, the god of foxes. It's said to represent fertility, agriculture, industry, general prosperity, and worldly success. This mix of classic Japanese garments and contemporary streetwear looks pretty neat from the artwork I've seen.

If you've heard the name "Garena Free Fire" but haven't the foggiest what it is or why everyone keeps bringing it up, you'll find the game available for download now from over on the App Store and Google Play as a free-to-play title. Its latest playable character, Wolfrahh, is expected to arrive fairly soon.

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