MLB 9 Innings Baseball 20 is one of the few baseball games that feel more like a simulation than a standard game. Made by the folks at Com2Us, you can play full-blown games with all of the MLB teams. The rosters have been updated which includes all of the new shiny acquisitions for each team such as the Yankees' Gerrit Cole or the Angels' Anthony Rendon among others.

With no baseball going on in the real world, I have no doubt that fans want to scratch the itch. There are a few good, solid baseball games on mobile and this is one of them. You can hit, pitch, and play some defense. And you can even decide if you want to play offense or defense only which is a nice touch. It's a good way to speed games up too if you want.

With a few different ways to play the game, it seems like it could take time to learn. However, not to worry, the nature of the game is pretty straight forward. And if you've played games like MLB The Show, then that could help too. Here are some basic tips for your battle on the diamond.