Shinsekai Into the Depths is an adventure game that also has a bit of an endless runner feeling to it. Your submarine has crashed, and you are now stuck at the bottom of the ocean. You made your broken sub into a home but that, unfortunately, is short-lived. 

It gets completely swallowed up by ice, and now, you're forced to move. This is how you begin your watery journey. As you explore, the ice will always be slowly trailing behind you. If you don't move quickly enough, you will get crushed by the ice as it caves you in. 

The game blends attacking, exploration, and sightseeing all while you're on the run. They highly recommend you wear headphones so you can take in the sounds of the deep. And I'll tell you what, the sounds are pretty awesome. The underwater sounds are almost perfect. But here are some tips to keep in mind when exploring this beautiful but dangerous world