Speed Builder is a new game from Australian developers ConneD Games that aims to blend together an endless runner with a city builder. It's an interesting concept and it's available now for both iOS and Android.

Thanks to global warming, natural and unnatural disasters alike are a common occurrence in the world of Speed Builders. Fire, meteors, tornados and even hordes of zombies threaten your town and you'll have to move quickly, building as you go to help your people survive. Though it doesn't seem like the most logical solution.

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As your villages desperately run for their lives from whichever apocalyptic event is speeding after them, you'll see various resources lying on the ground such as steel and wood you'll need to tap to pick up. These resources can then be spent by tapping a plot of land and selecting which building goes there.

A farm will create and feed villagers, a lumber mill generates extra resources and a fort will slow some disasters. The problem is that buildings are static so as the fire or zombie horde encroaches your lovely facilities will get destroyed, meaning that you will need to keep creating them to keep your villagers fed or resources fully stocked.

Aside from creating buildings that will inevitably get destroyed, you'll also have to create bridges to cross small chasms, make science labs to upgrade other buildings and create demolition factories to destroy obstacles that block your path.

The various disasters will be always following in your wake so you'll need to build, gather resources and nudge your villagers in the right direction very quickly. It all makes very little sense that you'd spend time creating a farm you're very aware it about to get blown away by a tornado but that silliness is probably going to be part of the appeal.

Speed Builder is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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