Ulti Esports has launched an all-new tournament series for Clash Royale called Crown Hunt. It's said to be a "new and exciting" way to get competitive in Supercell's hit strategy game, and registrations have already opened.

Crown Hunt is a global tournament open to all players. It's set to run for four weeks, and there's a cool prize pool of 1,000€ up for grabs. It'll support the first 4,000 registered players, and it's aiming to be a great starting point for amateurs to show their skills while still offering a challenging environment for professionals. It's also the ideal time for a remote tournament like this.

Here is the current schedule:

  • Qualifier Sign-ups Start (13.04.2020)
  • Qualifier Sign-ups Close (17.04.2020)
  • In-game Qualifier 1 (17.04.2020)
  • Elimination Round 1 (17.04.2020)
  • In-game Qualifier 2 (18.04.2020)
  • Elimination Round 2 (20.04.2020)
  • In-game Qualifier 3 (20.04.2020)
  • Elimination Round 3 (20.04.2020)
  • In-game Qualifier 4 (21.04.2020)
  • Elimination Round (21.04.2020)
  • Group Stage - Group A (29.04.2020)
  • Group Stage - Group B (30.04.2020)
  • Group Stage - Group C (01.05.2020
  • Group Stage - Group D (02.05.2020)
  • Top 8 Bracket (06.05.2020)
  • Semifinals, Third Place Match and Finals (08.05.2020)
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If you're new to the world of mobile gaming, Clash Royale is Supercell's incredibly popular strategy title that, in his review, Harry called "a mobile game that thinks outside the box, and does it brilliantly". It's proved to be one of the most influential mobile games of all time, inspiring no shortage of clones. 

Those who've yet to give it a go will find Clash Royale available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play. You can register to take part in the tournament over on Ulti Esports' Discord

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