Pokemon Masters' Battle Villa has introduced a fun new way to play the game. It tasks you with clearing 25 increasingly difficult halls within 2 weeks. You can use 9 different Sync Pairs per day but once they've been knocked out, they stay that way until the following day.

That also means their health carries over into the next battle too. On top of that, abilities with a limited number of uses will are also persistent between halls two, so if you use both of a Pokemon's X Attack's they're gone. There are a few consumables to make use of that can restore this but it's best not to rely on them.

The Battle Villa is now a permanent fixture. Every fortnight your progress will be reset and each month the line-up of Trainers and Pokemon found in the halls will change. We're onto Battle Villa 3 now, so this is the first time in its short history that the line up has changed, though the first five halls remain the same.

Not everyone is capable of beating the Villa in one day like some players, so we're on hand to give you some tips and tricks to help you beat it within the two-week time frame and then again when it repeats the following fortnight.