Calibria: Crystal Guardians brought its colourful blend of hero collecting, battle and strategy to mobile earlier this year, and it’s about to get an update that promises to make it more accessible to players across the continent.

Publisher Mars Games has announced that multi-language support is on the way, with French, Portuguese,Spanish and Russian translations rolling out before June.

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Available for iOS and Android, Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a hero collecting RPG that takes place against the titular backdrop of Calibria, an island where the forces of light and darkness are locked in a fierce battle over a sacred crystal.

Players must assemble a team from a vast roster of 200 heroes, heralding from five different factions and bringing a range of unique skills to the battlefield. These heroes can be upgraded in several ways, from advancing up their individual skill trees to equipping stat-boosting runes.

They’re also greater than the sum of their parts, as there are many synergies for players to discover between their collectable characters. Some work better with others, and often it’s a case of choosing a formation that allows them to play to their strengths.

Once you’ve built up your squad, there are several game modes to battle them in, including arenas, dungeons and a campaign, each offering plenty of opportunities to upgrade your heroes. Players can also join guilds and go head-to-head with friends on the leader boards.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians can be snapped up for free on Google Play and the App Store.