Animation Arts' Secret Files 3, the latest entry in the popular point-and-click series, launches this Wednesday for iOS. It'll be a premium title priced at $4.99 or your regional equivalent.

I'm not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to the series, but I gather that it follows protagonist Nina as she investigates all manner of weird goings-on. With her wedding to the dashing Max fast approaching, all seems to be going well for our super sleuth.

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That is until the police burst in and arrest your would-be husband for acts of terrorism. What follows is said to be Nina's biggest adventure yet, weaving a tale that ties back into the previous entry, Secret Files Tunguska.

You'll go on a globetrotting adventure to uncover the truth and prove lovely Max's innocence. It looks like a weird mix of goofy adventure game puzzles and goofier espionage action. I suppose this could work well with the semi-serious tone, at least in a so-bad-it's-good kinda way.

The story appears to be non-linear, jumping around in time and allowing you to solve puzzles in the past and future. Your choices made throughout the campaign will ultimately determine which ending you get, and this should hopefully add some replayability to the experience.

Ex-Editor Mark reviewed Secret Files Tunguska all the way back in 2014, calling it "an enjoyable adventure with some good puzzles and lots of locations", before awarding it a solid Bronze Rating. He did, however, point out that it's not exactly the most original or memorable adventure game around.

Whether you're a fan of the series or are looking for a decent-looking point-and-click adventure, be sure to check out Secret Files 3 over on the App Store come Wednesday. More info can be found over on publisher Deep Silver's official site

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