Rebel Twins' Cookies Must Die is a lightning-fast, acrobatic action game that sees you running, jumping, and flying through the air as you take out a host of weird and wild enemies. You play as a bearded bloke called Jack, who happens to be a super-secret agent.

Using his superpowered combat manoeuvres and a varied assortment of weapons, Jack heads out to put an end to a band of mutant cookies and their monstrous overlords. With an all-out war having broken out on the city streets, time is most definitely of the essence.

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The seamless platforming action reminds me of the excellent My Friend Pedro from last year. In my brief experience, though, it's actually even more fluid, fast-paced, and frankly bonkers than Devolver's hit actioner. Some might struggle with the touchscreen controls, but they haven't yet given me too much trouble.

It certainly helps that the game allows you to trigger a slow-motion mode whenever things get a little too hectic, which happens to be almost every few seconds. Watching the gameplay doesn't quite do it justice; you've got to give it a go yourself to experience how great it feels to play when everything clicks and you're in the zone.

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Rebel Twins is of course the developer behind Dragon Hills 2, which we loved, and Aliens Drive Me Crazy, which almost seems like a spiritual predecessor to Cookies Must Die. We first covered this one back in October of last year, when all we had to go on was a brief teaser trailer. What was always clear, though, is that Cookies Must Die has a ton of personality, especially in its sense of humour and character designs.

This is a pretty easy recommendation for fans of the genre or the developer's earlier work. You'll find Cookies Must Die available as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play.

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