Cookies Must Die is the latest game from Rebel Twins and it will be heading to iOS and Android

Crush the Cookie horde

Cookies Must Die is the latest game from Rebel Twins and it will be heading to iOS and Android

Cookies Must Die is the latest title to come from the minds of developers Rebel Twins. They're quite well-known for their zany ideas and this one looks to be no different. Cookies Must Die will be available for iOS and Android with a targeted release of early next year.

Specific details are fairly sparse at the moment. But there's a lot we can glean from the teaser trailer, their previous work and what sparing details we've been told about the game. Players will take control of Jack, a super-secret agent with a mighty ginger beard.

He's been granted a number of special powers from government scientists and he'll have to make good use of them to eliminate a group of mutant, sentient cookies. These mutant cookies and their powerful bosses were created after a science experiment went awry, which can be seen in the trailer below.

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You'll have a number of weapons available to you to fight the cookie horde alongside a number of skills, though we're not exactly sure what those will be yet. But it's looking like the game will be a run and gun shooter with a few extra skills throw-in rather than just laying down some bullets into evil biscuits.

However, if you're unfamiliar with Rebel Twins' previous work, they're most noteworthy for a string of endless runners they've created such as the excellent Dragon Hills 2. In that game you cut about the city on the back of a burrowing dragon, so they're very much into the kooky side of game creation. So I wouldn't be too surprised if Cookies Must Die ended up being a runner too in spite of the apparent setup.

Cookies Must Die will be available for both iOS and Android. There's no set release date yet though the developer is hoping it will be available in early 2020.

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