It's 2020 and soulslikes have spread quite rapidly to all platforms under the sun. For me, that's a very good thing indeed; they tend to be among my favourite games. If I were to list some of the best currently available on mobile, Direlight's Grimvalor would certainly rank high.

It first launched for iOS back in 2018, then finally hit Android last year. Harry reviewed the game at launch, praising its satisfying combat and well-balanced level of challenge, saying "it's cruel and dark, but there's more to Grimvalor than just another Souls-game riff", before awarding it a Silver Rating.

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The news today, courtesy of Touch Arcade, is that Direlight is currently working on an update that will add additional language support and a New Game+ mode. It's likely this will boost the level of challenge while allowing you to carry over your character from a previous run. That said, this is just a guess based on how New Game+ works in other soulslikes.

After the update, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian will be supported. If you'd like to help with any of these localisations, you can fire Direlight an email to become an iOS beta tester. You'll find their contact details on the TA forums.

While the beta is currently for iOS players only, it's probably safe to assume the new features will make their way to the Android version in future.

If you're a fan of the genre and haven't yet given this one a go, do yourself a favour and pick it up now from either the App Store or Google Play. It's a premium title priced at £5.99 or your regional equivalent.

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