On mobile, we always want to see bigger, bolder games, that are more comparable to their console contemporaries. After all, mobile is just as big and as influential a platform as console at this point, and there shouldn't be a huge disparity between them. And this is exactly why we're excited about Pascal's Wager, a full-fat action game that brings traditional 3D Soulslike combat to mobile devices with remarkable skill.

While this might not be the best Soulslike available on the market, if you're a fan of Dark Souls and the games it has inspired, this will definitely put a wry smile on your face as you recognise all of the inspirations and minor innovations that make up Pascal's Wager.

In this guide we're going to walk you through what you need to know to master the combat early on in the game, so you can get a headstart when you jump into the game.

Without further ado, please read through our list below to become an early master of Pascal's Wager.

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