The slingshot mechanic in mobile gaming is something that's largely attributed to Angry Birds. Sure, there are a few games like Crush the Castle that pre-date the avian flinging adventure but Angry Birds is the one that gained enough popularity to become the reference point. If you play a game where you flick something at a questionably built tower you'll describe it as being 'like Angry Birds' because everyone immediately knows what you mean.

Irrespective of the true origin of this gameplay mechanic it's certainly something that's incredibly well-suited to mobile. There's something about dragging back on a touch screen and letting go that feels much more tactile than doing the same motion with an analogue stick or a mouse. Perhaps it's simply the way the creature or object you're about to fling closely follows your finger that provides a greater sense of involvement with the action.

It's such an intuitive gameplay mechanic that it's stood the test of the time. Angry Birds is now 10 years old and the idea will undoubtedly date back further when you consider Crush the Castle and whatever influenced those folks to come up with the idea. It's moved on from only being in physics-based games where you fling an object into its foundations to knock it down, though there are still plenty of those. It has also found its way into platformers and even sports games so we're going to have a look at few of those now to celebrate the simple brilliance that is the slingshot mechanic.

One caveat to note, I've picked games that you can still play today, just in case anyone gets a hankering for some slingshot action. Please do reminisce about games we may have lost to time that made interesting use of slingshot gameplay in the comments though.



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