Black Desert Mobile is not out yet. That's probably not a shock, and if you need to know more about the game, we can definitely recommend our article on 'Everything you need to know about Black Desert Mobile.' Well, we would say that, of course…

Black Desert Mobile is a huge MMO that you can carry around with you wherever you go, and before you jump into the game, you should go prepared with these tips so you can make the most of your time with the game, and play without any confusion.

The game launches on both iOS and Android on December 11th 2019, which is soon, so you can pre-register now, and do so with this information to fully understand and master things without confusion.

So just read through our introductory guides and you'll be fully prepared to play through all of Black Desert Mobile!

A whole new world to explore - or not

Black Desert Mobile has a massive world to explore, and you'll be able to do most of that through questing. As soon as you get a quest you can tap it in your menu, and your character will automatically start running towards the quest target. Which is nice, and prevents you getting lost.

However, this is a problem in games such as AxE: Alliance VS Empire, where the game essentially plays itself, and can really take you out of the experience. It's a massive shame.

Luckily, it's only the path routing that is taken out of your hands here - getting to where a quest takes place is easy, but then when it comes to foraging, interacting with objects or NPCs, fighting with enemies - well that's all you, and you will have to actually put in some effort to overcome the challenges ahead. Much better than having the entire game play itself…