Pascal’s Wager, the upcoming Bloodborne-inspired hack ‘n’ slash, was shown off during the end of Apple’s ‘By Innovation Only’ event. It was used to highlight the power of the upcoming iPhone 11, and for good reason. Giant Games and Tipsworks Studios have crafted what looks to be a genuine ‘console-quality’ experience, from the visuals and sound design to the tight, challenging combat.

We originally reported on the gameplay demo showed during the event, discussing the single-player campaign and story, but what we didn’t know at the time was that Pascal’s Wager will also feature PVE and PVP multiplayer. The modes will arrive as part of planned post-launch updates, which will also include story-driven DLC.

Given the need for responsive and easy controls, it comes as a relief to hear that the game will support controllers at launch. After all, Soulsborne games are already tough enough without having to do any frustrating touchscreen thumb dancing.

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The game is perhaps best described as a free-to-try title, with 8 chapters that can be purchased individually or as a whole. It also sounds like you can make a one-off payment to get rid of microtransactions, which is very much appreciated.

The story follows a courier called Terrance. He’s a mysterious fellow who lives in a dystopian, Lovecraftian world where the sun has long since sunk to the bottom of the sea, causing an endless era of darkness and black fog. The world-saving narrative mixes the personal with the epic, exploring Terrance’s redemptive arc as he fights to find his missing wife.

The combat – fit with close-call dodges, parries, and Bloodborne-style pistols – is very reminiscent of From Software’s best work. There are also said to be a lot of exploration elements here, as well as in-depth character progression.

It certainly all sounds very ambitious. You’ll find Pascal’s Wager available for pre-order from next month, with a full launch set for later this year.

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