TokoToko is a puzzle game created by the French developer Kalank. It's an AR game where you solve puzzles by drawing objects on paper that will then come to life and the game's characters will interact with them. It's set to release on October 3rd for Apple devices with an Android version planned for next year.

The example given by the developer is drawing a boat so that the main character Hako, an adorable blue cat with overly giant eyes, can cross a river. In concept, it reminds me of Scribblenauts except that instead of writing you're actually drawing the solutions to puzzles.

It also gives other non-drawing examples of solutions for puzzles such as blowing on the screen to create wind for the boat sails. It sounds very cool and I'm very intrigued to see how well it works. The characters you'll come across in the story including Hako the cat are called Tokotokos. They're all creative artist types with different personalities. Alongside Hako, for example, is Azuko, a lion, who is a narcissistic painter.

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It follows Hako's journey to becoming a better artist and promises a heart-warming coming of age tale where your drawings will help the Tokotokos escape the Writer's Block they're trapped in. The art style for these characters is inspired by clay and stop-motion according to the developer which I can definitely see.

Tokotoko will be an episodic game with the first three episodes being available in October. Players who purchase the first episode will get the other two for free and will include a sandbox mode as well as new characters and environments.

TokoToko is set to release on Apple devices on October 3rd with development for an Android version starting early next year. It will be a premium game that costs 3.49 euros, £2.99 and $2.99

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