Flappy Bird was the kind of unexpected hit that we still reeling from. Seriously, take a look at the top free games available on Google Play and the AppStore, and you'll quickly find that most of them are short, single mechanic games that will see you repetitively, and absorbingly, go through the same motions, over and over.

And you'll do it again, going for the high score each time. Why? Humans are built to procrastinate and waste their time chasing arbitrary numbers, that's why.

And so it's only natural Flappy Bird would eventually return, but in a brand new iteration. Flappy Royale is a battle royale take on Flappy Bird. Yep, that's pretty much the whole deal.

It's currently available in a beta testing format for both TestFlight on iOS, and Google Play on Android, and you can join in with the battle royale fun right now, with this guide to downloading and playing.

What is Flappy Royale?

Flappy Royale

Flappy Royale is one of the most ridiculous game I have ever played. It is Flappy Bird, but you race against the ghosts of up to a hundred other players at the same time.

Win. That's your goal. Your goal is to win the game and carry yourself to victory, beating all of the other players. Only, that's really difficult.

It's mainly difficult, honestly, because of the deluge of Flappy ghosts distracting you from playing. Yikes.

For the most part, this is the original Flappy Bird, with ghosts, and the ability to customise your wee bird. Which is nice.

Unfortunately that means I've basically described everything. Oh, wait, you drop out of a battle bus at the beginning. Like Fortnite, right? Amazing stuff, high-tier comedy.

We've got a few tips on actually playing the game too, so just take a peek at the list below for that…