Another day has dawned, is currently dawning, or will dawn soon (we've got an international audience, don't blame us that time's weird), which means it's time for us to select another game to receive our Game of the day award. What's that? Well every day we pick an awesome mobile game you might have missed and tell you all about it.

Today's choice is the amazing match-stuff puzzle Tiny Bubbles. Yup, we said it, a match-stuff puzzler. But bear with us, because it's one of the best match-stuff puzzlers you're ever going to play.

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Tiny Bubbles

For the longest time match-stuff puzzlers on mobile were pretty standard fare - you knew what you were getting, and what you were getting was a grid of coloured shapes. Not so with Tiny Bubbles, thanks mainly to that word in its title - bubbles. There's no grid here, and as you match coloured blobs the play space deforms.

It's a really smart idea, but it's not the only one the game has. There are new mechanics added regularly, and they keep the action feeling as fresh as it does when you first load the game. There are a huge number of levels to work your way through, and a branching progression system that means you're rarely stuck.

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When we reviewed Tiny Bubbles we called it "fun, relaxing, challenging, pretty, clever, and, best of all, accessible." Adding that "it doesn't matter what your skill is, what device you're using, or how much time you have to put into it, you'll be able to play it with ease." Then we gave the game a Gold Award, and if you click here you can read our Tiny Bubbles review in its entirety.

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