The Elder Scrolls is a series known for big, vast worlds you can spend days exploring every inch of. While The Elder Scrolls: Blades promised to bring that adventure to mobile, that's not exactly what happened.

It's a town building game, but that's no bad thing. You'll be plundering dungeons and opening chests to fill out your town, and it can be a fun gameplay loop, if a bit slow.

If you need more prestige and are looking to fill out your town, don't waste any building materials, read through these tips to learn what you need to know to build the best town possible.<

Town prestige

The Elder Scrolls Blades

One of the most important aspects to all progress in The Elder Scrolls: Blades is your town prestige. This is, after all, more of a town building games than an open world adventure.

You'll start with a ruined town that you'll name and slowly fix up, improving aspects and making life better for the inhabitants, filling out the streets with new houses and amenities.

Your town prestige is how good your town is, and can be filled be building new homes, amenities, and placing decorations around the town.

The prestige of your town is important, as levelling it up with give you access to higher level amenities, new types of building, and without a high prestige level, you'll even be locked off from playing higher level quests in the story.

That's right, what little story there is gets locked off if you haven't built up your town to a satisfying degree.

You'll need amenities like the Smithy, Workshop, Alchemist and Enchanter's Tower to make decent progress in the game anyway, so keep building houses and amenities until you have access to the necessary facilities.

Once you unlock Stone buildings, you'll be able to use more Limestone to build instead of Lumber, which, depending on how many materials you have, could be a good scenario to be in.