One Piece: Bounty Rush and just landed on Android and iOS, and it lets you take infamous pirates into 4v4 arena battles against other players.

Taking One Piece: Bounty Rush online, you'll quickly discover that real time battles are a different breed from the turn based mobile battles you may be used to, and to overthrow your enemies, you'll need a strong, strategic team.

In One Piece: Bounty Rush, there are three main classes to utilise, each with their own unique skillset and abilities which will allow them to control treasure points on the map. It's a bit like Domination in Call of Duty, y'know?

Control treasure points and your team will earn treasure across the length of the game, and if you manage to control all five treasure points, well, let's just say it'll be a quick victory.

But to get there you'll need utilise the skills of Attackers, Defenders and Runner, the three pirate classes.

Attackers put out high damage and can be useful to dominate opponents. Use these to just knock out opponents and get them out of your way.

Defenders can push back and neutralise opponents, so they're useful for protecting treasure points, or clearing them out while your team takes the point.

Runners meanwhile run from battles, and run to the treasure. Fighting with them is possible, but ultimately they are way better are running to empty treasure points and taking them for your team.

The characters you can summon in the game right now include the Straw Hat Pirates, members of the Arlong Pirates, and characters from the Red Hair Pirates.

That's in addition to Don Krieg's crew, the Black Cat Pirates, and a handful of Marines. Right now, it's only including characters either part of the main crew, or who appear early in the series, around the Alabasta arc. But you can expect more characters in the future.

For a full list just take a look below, and get summoning in One Piece: Bounty Rush!

One Piece Bounty Rush