Langrisser Mobile is out now - in case you hadn't noticed all our good content - and like any good tactical JRPG, there's characters to summon, and plenty of gear to equip to them.

Yes, gear, our favourite thing in the world. There's helmets, armor, accessories, weapons and oh gosh, so much more. Needless to say, it's all pretty necessary in order to advance your way through the world of Langrisser.

Of course, gear is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you should be collecting. There's also characters to summon - did we mention we made a full list of every character in the game? You can find that here.

All of this gear will help increase your overall team power - and thank goodness for that, because you'll have to put a lot of effort in in later Langrisser battles. Auto battle won't help you here, only pure smart tactics and powerful units. That's another reason why we put together a guide to increasing your team power here. Of course, all this gear will help with that quite a lot!

But characters, gear and power is one thing, tactics is quite another. You'll understand the basics just from playing the tutorial, but we've got something better. Yep, we put together a great big guide to battling in Langrisser Mobile, and you should definitely take a look at that right here.

All of the items below are ordered by rarity, meaning the rarest items - and often the most powerful and useful - are listed at the top. You'll be able to see things separated by their name, HP, attack, defense, skill, intelligence, and any abilities they come with. In the final column you'll find how many stars that piece of gear is, indicating its rarity.

There's a lot to get through, so enough waffling on, take a look at our full Langrisser Mobile gear list below!

Langrisser Mobile