Langrisser is bringing classic tactical JRPG combat to mobile, and it's a fantastically fun experience. You can collect loads of heroes and engage with a long, interesting story in the Langrisser world.

This is on top of a great Time Rift mode, which will play you through a slightly shortened version of the Langrisser story. Sound good? It should, because this is the best turn based strategy I've played in a while.

Langrisser is loads of fun, and gets even more fun if you have a powerful, dominating party. Below, you'll find everything you need to know about getting your power up in Langrisser Mobile, and how you can dominate your opponents. What are you waiting for? Read on and level up.

Langrisser Mobile

Important equipment

Your equipment will be the first thing you'll want to edit when you get a character that you want to put in your team. Just a few pieces of gear can make all the difference, after all. Though, you won't even get access to gear until you level up a bit.

But once you get that access, you should use everything you have at every moment. Choose the party members you're most likely to use in battle first, and give them the strongest gear they can take. You can even use the "Forge" option on gear to fuse gear with duplicates, or with special items to enhance the item level.

You can already see how the gear ends up becoming an essential part of every character, which is why you should use your Friendship Tickets to do summons - cross your fingers for the new heroes, but the gear is just as valuable!

The Quick Equip option automatically gives your character the strongest gear you have available, so feel free to use that, and make sure high ranking gear pieces have been given a level boost to make them even more useful.