Langrisser Mobile is out now, offering players a brand new way to enjoy their tactical JRPG action while on mobile devices. And, not trying to raise your expectations too much or anything, but it plays like a bigger, better version of Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes.

Langrisser is a series with a lot of history, and as a result there's a lot of heroes in the game for you to both summon and fight against, and the fight starts here. Of course, if you want the best ways to battle, you can take a look at our tips right here.

Not all characters are created equal, which is why there's R, SR and SSR ranks to look at here. Luckily, that's all much better than the N class heroes you start the game with - phew!

Of course, that's not to say that the N class newbies aren't worth sticking with - they can become incredibly powerful is you keep increasing their power, which is a lot easier with our guide to increasing team power. Make sure to read it all!

Don't worry if you're a Langrisser newbie, there might be a lot of history but you'll learn it fast, especially thanks to Langrisser Mobile's Time Rift mode, which allows you to play an abridged version of the events that happen in previous Langrisser games. It's like a full collection in a single free to play app - and that's beautiful.

If you're interested in Langrisser this is a great place to start, and thanks to this full list of every character, you can get acquainted with them all. Take a look through and take note of the methods you can use to summon them - and not to worry, you'll be able to summon them all in time.

Keep in mind that in-game events can introduce different rarities or methods for summoning these characters, and read on for everything you need to know about Langrisser's expansive cast.

Langrisser Mobile