As I'm sure you've heard already, Fortnite Season 7 goes live today and brings a rather frosty feeling with it. Though the game's currently in downtime, it'll soon be up and running, and this is what you'll get with the new update.

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Santa's going savage in Season 7 and bringing the frost with him. With the new season comes a brand new Battle Pass, which gives you 100 levels to work through and 100 rewards to earn. There'll also be new cosmetic items called Wraps, which gives you the ability to change the look of your vehicles and weapons for funsies.

The X-4 Stormwing Plane is a new bit of kit that lets you take to the skies with your wingmen. Since it's got a mounted gun you can take on enemies from the air, but it'll overheat easily so watch out. If you're in more of a creative mood, however, the early release of Fortnite Creative will be right up your all. Though Battle Pass owners will be able to play it for a week in advance, it'll be available to all players on December 13th.

Since Epic might actually put some holiday in this year, Season 7 will last two weeks longer than usual, ending on February 28th. You can read the full patch notes right here.

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