Panzer League isn't the only tank game to come out this week. But where it's a MOBA, Tank Party is a much more action-focused experience. It takes tanks, then it drops them into a team-based .IO style fight to the death.

It's definitely not the most interesting concept we've seen a .IO game take (that honour probably goes to the rather excellent Axe.IO) and slow-paced tanks coupled with large maps means that, especially when you're starting off, there's a lot of trundling around without anyone to shoot.

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Unfortunately, there are just too many .IO games out there that are better than Tank Party! It just doesn't do enough differently to really recommend it. Sure there's tanky fun to be had, but there's nothing that really makes you feel like the game has to be tanks - it could be bales of straw and still work.

If you still want to give the game a go - it's free so you won't be losing anything - click here to pick it up for iOS devices. If you'd prefer to have a crack at it on an Android device, click here to pick it up from the Play Store.