We didn't quite know how long we'd be waiting for The Walking Dead: The Final Season to come to Nintendo Switch. While the first episode was due to roll out on PC and console on August 14th, it's also appeared on Nintendo's US eShop.

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The first of four parts to this final bit, Done Running, sees Clementine join up with a small community of kids in an abandoned school. Together with AJ, she tries to build a life and lead survivors in the ever-present zombie scourge.

What looks and feels like a little slice of heaven in an otherwise hellish world quickly turns deadly as Walkers and other unseen threats close in. While its new trailer doesn't give much of its story away, it does show off a bunch of new characters and some heart-wrenching throw-backs to the man who started it all, Lee.

Aside from the dread I'm feeling about Clementine's own ending, I'm also super intrigued to see how to story plays out when told through the eyes of other kids - the ones who survived, anyway.

"The first person who taught me about survival was Lee."

I'm not crying. YOU'RE crying.