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This is a pretty big one. For the first time since it came out on the App Store, right now you can grab Galaxy Trucker Pocket for absolutely nothing. That's probably the best deal we've seen in a good while.

Why? Well, when the game first came out we gave it a Gold Award at review. Here's what board game expert Matt Thrower had to say about it - "Galaxy Trucker is hands-down the best adaptation of a board game to the digital format yet seen. The fact that it was done with a title that many thought would prove resistant to translation is nothing short of astonishing."

And while the game might have been out for a couple of years, few other titles have come close to taking that crown away from Galaxy Trucker. Seriously, click here to read the rest of the review.

So if you haven't played it yet, get on over to the App Store and grab it while it doesn't cost anything. You can use this link to do that. You're welcome.

Oh, and bear in mind this is the iPhone version, iPad owners still have to pay to get this one. Sorry.